Who is Janette Parr, anyway?

Hello. I’m a writer, ghost writer and editor and I divide my working hours fairly evenly between those three areas.

My specialist areas are Language, Communications, Human Skills and English and French Literature. I love all these aspects of what I do. They were obvious fields to work in as they flowed from my previous experiences as a teacher, lecturer and presenter.

I write original short stories, poetry and plays (sometimes with a pseudonym). Most of my writing, though, has been in my specialist areas and includes books, articles, training modules and courses for seminars and practical workshops.

I also spend a lot of time on content writing, producing articles and promotional materials for a wide range of business and professional websites.

As a ghost writer, I have worked with clients on their personal stories and projects, and with professionals in business, education, health, wellbeing and too many other fields to mention. Ghostwriting means you can’t talk about the details (Sshhh!)

My editing work has allowed me to get to know a great number of clients (probably hundreds). Its other advantage is that it gives me the opportunity to learn about areas and topics I might never have explored.

My website Janette Parr Consulting has more details about what has been, for me, a very interesting career.

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I am a writer and educator, who offers expert writing and editing services. I also produce customised written and visual materials for businesses and individuals who want to improve their language and communication skills.